Aiken-Largo School

Building a School – Brick by Brick

Aiken-Largo School, Bo Sierra Leone

In the village of Largo there are about 450 people. There are 35 houses and only one toilet - which is just an outhouse. There is no electricity and no running water. Water comes from a well - and people have to walk to get their water. There are 169 children - 112 of the children are grades 1-6. There are no public schools for the children to go to - so the villages have to create them. The closest school is 3 miles away. This is too long of a walk for the elementary children.

In 2014 the students of Aiken High School raised $5000 to help build the children a school. Their previous building was bamboo and banna leaves – and it would blow down. They did not have places to sit and the students did not have supplies. The teachers did receive a salary but were paid in rice and vegetables.

Today there is a building – and we raised the money to give the students benches. We have raised the tuition for the students – which is about $5 per student per year. This tuition pays the teachers who now receive a salary. We have been shipping supplies – and we collected 500 books to send to the children for a library for the school. In our last shipment, we made sure that every student had a notebook and a pencil.

Future Needs

  1. Solar Panel Parts – we sent solar panels and batteries – but they are in the need of a converter. $500
  2. Supplies to make toilets for children. Currently they are going out to the “bush” which is dangerous because of snakes. They need zinc for the roof and concrete. $500
  3. Well – They could use a well for the village – currently they have to walk a distance for water or use water from the rivers. $5000 approx
  4. Tuition for school year 2016-2017 - This would be around $600 total for the year to scholarship every child.

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